Roy's PoemsRoy McFarlane

Saturday 10 June 2023
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Night and Day

I learned verses of love with
a beautiful two-tone Rudie,
her tight jeans and t-shirts held
her as intimately as I did in the day time
in between lessons, common room
and the sports hall. We kissed like
lovers from a Klimt painting; our bodies
ablaze with the touch of each other
and we made love in open fields
painting beautiful colours
until the sun went down…
                                    night times
we sneaked out; the daughter
of a single mother and the son
of a preacher man; star-crossed lovers
at the Rising Star or The Molineux
waiting for the healing of Lovers Rock
where bass speakers mesmerised,
locked us together in perfect poetry,
the symmetry of a Rodin sculpture
brought to life on the dance floor
lost in Janet Kaye’s Silly Games.